DWTS Season 13 – Week #2

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


What a show this turned out to be!  With two of the most athletic dances, for some it was a real struggle.  For others, they really came out of their comfort zones.  Last week, Meta World Peace (Ron Artest) was eliminated and wouldn’t have stood a chance with either the Quickstep or the Jive.

The ladies shined in the Quickstep performances.  Elisabetta Canalis and Nancy Grace receiving 21’s, and Kristin Cavallari receiving a 22. Elisabetta kept up with her pro partner in this fast paced dance.  Doesn’t Val’s teaching style remind you of a certain famous dancing brother?  Blood, sweat, and mainly – tears!  Max and Val, lighten up a bit.  It just goes to show you how much pressure it is for the stars and pros alike.

Nancy being a strong TV personality, DWTS’s really brought out a softer and likable side of her.  She and Tristan were fun to watch and as Len said, “It was a proper Quickstep!”  He even gave her an 8, which was a bit high.  She needs to work on her posture, throughout the routine she was often collapsing her frame and leaning forward.  Pull up Nancy! On the flip side, Kristin had great posture .  Her and Mark’s routine to “Diamonds are a Girls Best friend,” was a perfect fit!  She needs to loosen up a bit when not in dance position and develop spotting in her turns, this will help her scores climb even higher in weeks to come. Kristin shouldn’t be going anywhere anytime soon!

However….The two lowest scores of the Quickstep (deservingly so), were Carson Kressley & Anna and Chaz Bono & Lacey.  Both of them should be in the bottom with David Arquette, but I will get to that train wreck in a minute. Carson admittedly said his routine was “uncoordinated”, and boy, his self evaluation was right!  You have to give it to him though, he has a great attitude, works really hard, and did improve from last week.  You gotta love him!  Score – 18. Chaz had some real problems with the athletic nature of this dance (though all the stars were huffing and puffing).  Between his weight and his bad knees, he really struggled to get through this one.  During the performance, Chaz had good facial expressions, but the simple nature of the routine gave him a score of 17. That puts him at the bottom of the leaderboard.

And now to the Jive… After the first two Jives, I thought this is going to be a long and painful night! I was not impressed with Hope Solo’s routine.  She did not look graceful and her midriff and leggings costume only accentuated her not being very feminine.  Hope is a gorgeous and athletic girl, but they got it wrong on this one!  Score 19. David Arquette and Kym Johnson also danced a Jive.  Remember, I mentioned earlier “train wreck.”  David was like a wind up toy out of control. His kicks and flick were all over the place, it was high energy to say the least.  Score a high 18. The rest of the Jive dancers saved the night.

Rob Kardashian was complaining about feeling self-conscience about his weight and “man boobs.”  The ironic part is he was really light and agile on his feet.  His routine with Cheryl Burke was fun and energetic, much improved from last week.  Score 21. The first place couple from last week, Chynna Phillips and Toni Dovolani had another strong performance.  This week she was not the stand out but, unlike Carson, she is very coordinated.  She has nice control of her legs and feet and is natural in her body movement. I would like more energy from her, but Bravo! Score 21.

The Jive from Ricki Lake and Derek Hough was a real crowd and judge pleaser!  She not only looked amazing, saying she has lost 12 inches in three weeks already, but her performance was amazing.  She was the 3 F’s…fast, fun, and fabulous!  I can’t wait to see you dance next week, Ricki!  Top Scorer of the night – 23. Mr. Charisma of the night was J.R. Martinez!  He has the total package: great timing, showmanship, musicality, and he is light and quick on his feet!  Len called his routine with Karina a Lindy Hop, which is rubbish.  Carrie Ann marked them down for doing a lift, which is against the rules.  I say he got robbed!  He definitely has to be safe! Score 22.

You know my bottom three.  My prediction of who leaves this week is Chaz. What do you think?



Christy Melgoza

Franchisee of Arthur Murray Dance Studio Woodland Hills

Arthur Murray Certified Adjudicator

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