Dancing with the Stars – Semi-Finals

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Semi-Finals are here and suspense is in the air.  It’s anyone’s game!  There are four finalists left and only three will make it to the finals next week!  Tonight the couples will perform 3 dances.  The third dance will be a winner takes all Cha Cha which will add an extra 15 points for one couple. Wow!

Ralph Macchio’s first dance with Karina Smirnoff was an Argentine Tango.  The routine was clean and Ralph had a lot of nice lines.  I agree with the judges, it lacked emotion and a punch.  Score 25.  Next up for the couple is Salsa.  Karina’s hair, crazy outfits, his chains – it was all a bit much!  The music and outfits when you’re telling a story through dance, is part of telling that story well.  When it goes wrong, it really hurts the story and makes it hard to appreciate the dance.  Executed OK, but not very authentic.  They really payed for it with a score of 23.

Kirstie Alley and Maksim Chmerkovskiy’s first dance was a Viennese Waltz.  Kirstie brings emotion into the routine and again is natural, but some of the fine points were missing.  Her frame and connections were very soft and somehow her being aloof  has become part of her style.  This is her strength and weakness, and her score of 27 was a little too high.  Her next dance was Paso Doble, and  Kirstie was in control of her timing and movement.  The judges loved it, but I thought her frame was a bit bunched up which made her lose the character of the dance.  Score another solid 27.

Chelsea Kane and Mark Ballas are up for their first dance, an Argentine Tango.  A very crisp and clean routine.  The routine took a while to pick up, but it developed nicely.  Carrie Ann Inaba went on and on about the routine not being sharp.  I disagree!  It was the most authentic routine that Mark has produced in a long time.  No tricks, no gimmicks, no funky socks, just good dancing.  Score 28.  Next Dance was a sultry Rumba.  Ms. Disney adorable was able to get into the moment and produce a hot and sexy number!  The song was sooo slow and she still delivered.   A great job!  10, 10, 10!  Score 30.

The pressure is on and the dancer’s are pulling out all the stops.  So much that in rehearsal Kym Johnson suffered an injury to her neck as Hines fell on her when they were trying a lift.  Kym and Hines performed an Argentine Tango.  Emotional it was!  My favorite part of all their routines the whole season, is they both dance together.  He is equally involved as she, and it showed tonight as well.  10, 10, 10!  I know you can add – that’s 30!  Next dance for Hines – Salsa!  Hines definitely dances with joy and is fun to watch!  He has a great personality that comes across on the dance floor, but  I didn’t love this routine.  There wasn’t anything that stood out as amazing, and Kym’s dress was dreadful.  Way too cheesy!  Another Score of 30 for Hines. Huh?

The third round begins, Winner takes all Cha Cha.  Dancing toe to toe is Hines and Ralph, but only one couple will make it to the next round.  Hines’ Cha Cha was very rhythmic and had great latin motion.  Ralph’s Cha Cha was sharp and crisp with no latin motion.  Winner of that round by judges vote – Hines.  Next to go toe to toe is Chelsea and Kirstie.  Chelsea’s Cha Cha was very sharp and crisp, but her latin motion was stiff.  Kirstie looked like she was really concentrating in the beginning, but pulled of a sensual Cha Cha. Winner – Chelsea.  So Chelsea and Hines are doing the instant Cha Cha.  A song is picked right then and they just have the commercial break to make it happen!  The song chosen was lady Gaga’s “Just Dance.”  Chelsea was dynamic and sharp, Hines was cool and smooth.  Judges vote for Chelsea and Mark, which added 15 points to their score. This now puts the leader, Hines, in second place and Chelsea in first.

The two on top of the leader board this week really deserved it, and should be in the finals.  Joining them should be Kirstie.  I think tonight was Ralph ‘The Karate kid” Macchio’s last night.  Bye Ralph.


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