Health and Fitness through Dancing – Part 7

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Time Machine

I believe that while I am dancing, time stops.  I also believe that as I continue to dance, time actually goes backwards and I get younger. Dancing is keeping me happy, healthy, and very young at heart. Who can deny the power of movement to music with an exciting partner and the great fun and exercise it offers us?

After getting my new shoulder in December 2009, I was determined to get back my full range of motion and health and be 100% whole again. Now, at 54, I am younger than many of the 20 year olds that are around me. I awaken each day with a circle of light surrounding me. I repeat my daily affirmation over and over, then awaken with a heart of joy and gratitude for another day of life and health.

How does our youth stay fresh? It’s living each day with a constant goal in front of us.  During my recovery from my new shoulder, I had to struggle with pain from the moment I awoke, to the moment I fell asleep.  I wanted to free from the constant pain and discomfort of regaining my range of motion.  You know what, I made it. I worked through a whole year to achieve a high level of healing and health. I made it through my ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ by dancing.

That brings us back to health, weight loss, and fitness.  I feel that time is suspended when I dance, but moves forward when I overeat, or miss my workouts. “Coming out” with my weight loss has helped me to encourage others at the dance studio. In return, I know that others are supporting me in my journey of weight loss and health through dancing and exercise.

The Time Machine….do you long to be young again? Do you miss the years of youth and optimum health? Start dancing…keep on dancing and the years will fade away on the dance floor. You will feel younger, happier and healthier every time you take a step. Something magical happens when we dance; the clock ticks backwards and suddenly we are all 20 years old again, we’re feeling great and looking good.  You WILL feel this when you dance, and the magic you feel from the inside will eventually change you on the outside.

I’m not ready to quit my dancing.  My doctor says that I should continue as a professional well into my 60’s and beyond. He says that dancing will give me good circulation, ease of movement, and great stamina.  I’m sold! I want to stay young for the rest of my life.  I was so blessed to have had two phenomenal parents who were always young at heart and I want to continue their legacy through my life of dancing.  Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick….can you hear the clock moving backwards as you get younger and younger? Stay young, happy, and keep on dancing!

Next installment, When it Starts Getting Easier!

Very Sincerely,

David Woodbury

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