DWTS – First Impressions

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It turns out Season 12 is coming with loads of personality! Well, for almost everyone…my initial prediction was right: Unless her Quickstep is amazing, say goodbye to Wendy and Tony. Soon to follow, “stiff Mark” and “muscle bound Mike,” who both just looked a little too awkward. Okay, I admit I might be wrong with this supermodel, Petra, I can’t wait to see more! She was very elegant and if she works on controlling her lower half, she could go far. I was expecting more from Romeo, his Cha Cha had sloppy footwork, but decent lines. The jaw dropper and favorite of the night – Top score of 24 – Ralph Macchio! His Fox Trot had the whole package – personality, great lines, and good Ballroom technique! The audience is going to be in the Karate Kid’s corner. I didn’t see that one coming!  My second favorite of the night was Kirstie’s Cha Cha. Not only did she look fabulous but she was also very natural with great body and leg action.  Len, a 7…really?!  Like I thought, Chelsea was Disney adorable.  I didn’t agree with Kendra’s Cha Cha score of 18.  It was too high!  My athletes, Hines and Sugar Ray, didn’t let me down.  Sugar Ray got gypped with a score of 17.  His posture wasn’t the best, but Anna had him taking nice long steps across the floor. In open position, he was in his element….Fantastic!  His Jive next week will get a better score.  Hines got a well deserved 21, he was a bit stompy, but who cares, he was CCC – Charming, Charming, Charming!  Give me your feedback.  Who was your favorite?  Were the judges scores right?  Who was a total buzz kill?  Look for my blog next week where I will give my opinion on the Quickstep and Jive and the dreaded 1st elimination!

Christy Melgoza – Adjudicator and owner of Arthur Murray Woodland Hills, Ca

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