John and Nadine

The primary reason we sought dance lessons as a couple, was that we wanted to be able to dance with a modicum of confidence at social occasions. Little did we know we would want more.

The Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Woodland Hills has given us more than we had anticipated. We have become quite proficient in several dances: waltz, foxtrot, samba, cha cha, rumba, swing, hustle and salsa.

The instructors are positive, patient and enthusiastic. Their entire focus is on the student in any situation, whether it is during a lesson or if the student has a particularly challenging dance move to master during a practice session. It is not uncommon for an instructor to approach us when we are practicing alone and share an observation with us.

We have discovered that there are wonderful benefits to dancing. Dancing exercises both the physical and mental aspects of an individual. The physical is self explanatory (also great for weight loss). One needs to remember the steps to each dance and be able to improvise on the spot when on the dance floor, a perfect means to retain mental acuity.

Robert & Christy Melgoza have created a friendly, but professional atmosphere at the studio. It is always a pleasant experience to enter the studio to cheerful greetings and smiling faces.

Who would have thought that a couple in their 60’s would be dancing the night away?

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